About Us



 Intensi T only represents innovative companies, that offer high-quality products and in so doing, makes the client the top priority at all times. 



  Having endeavored for several years in various retail and sales positions, Jean-Patrick Robert was recruited by the now dissolved sales agency, Inolux, which was specialized in selling lighting fixtures. Jean-Patrick worked for a number of years at Inolux as a sales representative for clients such as, Snoc, Linogène et Lampada.  After a brief period spent in the publicity department of the Journal de Montréal, in 2010, Jean-Patrick Robert consolidated his efforts and his years of experience into the launch of his own sales agency, known as, IntensiT.  



  Through his sales agency, Intensi T, Jean-Patrick Robert manages and overseas the sales needs of several companies specialized in lighting equipment, covering the Province of Quebec and the greater Ottawa region.   Intensi T innovates through its professional sales management methods and its personalized approach to marketing.  Moreover, Intensi T excels by the quality of its post-sale support service and training programs that are tailored to each product.



Création Nova is specialized in decorative lighting and features an avant-garde design, which makes them trend-setters in the industry. This company experienced explosive growth in recent years and is now considered one of the prominent companies in the industry. Création Nova is in constant evolution and will soon be considered a reference in the field. 



 A close descendant of Linogène, Totec is a relatively new company that has found a niche in the high performance lighting sector. Totec’s innovative, Quebec-based designs have single-handedly raised the industry standard in the field of LED lighting. The simplicity of operation of Totec products distinguishes them from their competitors. 



 One of the last pure crystal company James R Moder is an industry leader in the world of crystal lighting. They stand out by their design quality.  


  Enviromate Products Corp is a Canadian company whose objective is to continually offer our customers the best in service, product quality and value. The company is dedicated to the promotion of unique and innovative products, specializing in energy-efficient and safety-related products. 



  With a clear focus on kitchen and bathroom accessories Ancona is able to bring the highest quality and the most innovative kitchen and bathroom designs to your home.